About Joe Loria

Following the path of Stewart Davis, John Graham, Willem deKooning, Milton Avery, Grace Hartigan, and many other pioneers into color, emotion and expression through visual art. 

I make art, paintings, to tell stories in the only meaningful way I can, visual language. I am inspired by phrases, utterances, headlines, from newspapers, TV, magazines and songs. I begin with drawings, my collected memories, and connect the odd dots of people, places and things and build a painting.
I have a unique color sensibility and it is exploited here in my quest to explain my concept of reality, an American Art.

1979 BFA Swain School of Design New Bedford, MA
1981 MFA Parsons School of Design, New York, New York

A brief interview with artist Joe Loria. Rakestraw Books is presenting a selection of his work during April 2016 as part of our celebration of a marvelous new novel, Tuesday Nights in 1980 by Molly Prentiss.

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For questions about any of my work, commissions or pricing contact me at jl.artbp@gmail.com